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About Us

About Our Centre

It all started with our founder who has just returned to Kuching after spending many years overseas. Realised there is a huge need in increasing the awareness of eye health care, Anna Eyecare Optometry is born.

At the centre, we provide accessible primary eye health care, examined by qualified professional optometrist only. With our high level standard of care, we're could provide what is the best for your eye care needs. 

Meet our optometrist

Anna Bong

BSc (HONS) Optometry, UK
MSc Clinical Ophthalmology & Vision Research (Diabetes), UK

Anna loves colouring as a kid, since then being amazed by how our eye works, Even though she was little, she imagined the world without colour would be so boring. 

With experience from UK and Singapore, Anna has special interest in dry eyes, diabetes and children's vision. She is also the invited speaker to many public awareness event, seminars, and conferences, from local to Asia Pacific region. 

To those who has met Anna, you'd know how passionate she is when it comes to anything that has to do with eyes. Ask her questions and she will be more than happy to share. For those of you who have yet to meet her, book your appointment now!

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